Conjugate the verb “avoir” (to have) in French without thinking.

I don’t need to give a long introduction about the importance of this verb, I think it is clear enough for you. This verb should be in your TOP 5 verbs to know in priority.

The verb to have is an extremely irregular verb like the verb to be, but one that you will soon learn as you will see it almost everywhere.

Le verbe “avoir”

J’aiune belle chemise
Tu asdes chaussures blanches
Il / Elle / On ade la chance
Nous avonsdu retard
Vous avezcommencé le cours
Ils / Elles ontdes problèmes

There are many expressions with the verb that we will see in the next few weeks, to give you some examples:

  • Avoir besoin de (to need something)

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Illustration – listen carefully

Listen to this clip, change the speed if you want

“J’ai toujours beaucoup de chance. A chaque fois qu’il pleut, j’ai mon parapluie”

“I am always very lucky. Every time it rains, I have my umbrella.”

How can you remember the verb to have without thinking?

If you want to become fluent in French, there are verbs like avoir (which is also an auxiliary used for passé composé), you should be able to get out of its conjugation in the present tense without thinking about it!

To do this, unsurprisingly, you need to practice as much as possible with exercises and conversations. It is important not to learn ready-made phrases that you can read in the “100 French expressions to know” guides.

It is best to repeat yourself with different phrases each time. The important thing is that you can use these verbs as tools and not as a list of words that block your memorization.

So start practicing now, conjugating the verb ter

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