The verbs in the 2nd group: finir, choisir, grandir…

They are few in number compared to the others (first group in -er and third group very irregular).

These verbs are, for example, finir (to finish), grandir (to grow/increase), grossir (to grow), agir (to act), choisir (to choose)… verbs we use regularly! Group verbs that end in –ir which form the present participle with –issant.

The good news is that they are all conjugated in the same way. French is easy, isn’t it?

Let’s look at its conjugation in the present tense.

Exemple des verbes “finir” et “réussir”

Je finisréussis
Tu finisréussis
Il / Elle / Onfinitréussit
Ils / Ellesfinissentréussissent

An easy way to recognize them is also by their -issons ending in the first person plural.

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Quelques exemples :

  • Je finis la leçon de français. I am finishing my French lesson
  • Ils grandissent vite tes enfants ! Your children are growing up fast!
  • Nous agissons, car ils ne font rien. We act, because they do nothing.
  • Tu réussis toujours du premier coup ? Do you always get it right the first time?

Many second group verbs derived from an express adjective change:

  • blanchir > rendre (turn) blanc
  • enrichir > rendre riche
  • embellir > rendre beau
  • grossir > devenir gros
  • maigrir > devenir maigre
  • rajeunir > rendre/devenir jeune
  • raccourcir > rendre court
  • ralentir > rendre/devenir lent
  • vieillir > rendre/devenir vieux

Now, as in all things conjugational, the most effective way to learn is to practice, so now it’s your turn!

L’entraînement !

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